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Operation Specialist - Acheived

This last module in my IICT Specialist through ETFO has been amazing.  I was so excited to be pushed in my thinking and work on a unit that will help me grow in my position.

Being someone new in leadership, I completely focused on growing other educators the ways I wanted to grow.  I completely understood the need to differentiate professional development - there were many times as an educator that I needed support in different formats.  But this unit finally put me in the mindset of assessing the effect of the projects that I am working on.  I mean, I collect data for sure, but in real time.  I collect data and then report back on what is happening.  But I have never sat and looked at measuring the effect specific programming has on educators or their students.  I just assume the effect has taken place.

One big struggle for me this year was thinking about success rates.  I know that we can not get through to everyone, but I struggled with the failure rate.  I wanted all of my partici…

It's Happening Again!

Do you know what happens when you learn and learn and learn and learn?  You want to share all of your learning and talking about it until no one wants to listen anymore!  I think that that is where this type of space comes in handy.  All of the reflecting in the world can go on and if no one is listening it's still ok.  Or if people are it's still ok too.

I am so happy with the road this course is taking.  As a person in a leadership role I need to be reflective on the things that I do and bring to the system just as much as I need to know specific programming that I want to bring as well.  This module has been fantastic for that.  Especially the assessment of our plan.  I feel like my role is tough for linear planning.  Sometimes I just need to have a session on coding or robotics because educators want to try it out.  Other times my sessions can easily be more linear and connected.  Assessing my goals and making sure that I know how successful my sessions are was an "ah…

Module 2

I cannot believe we are half way through this course.  Time flies when you are learning and exploring!
The best assignment for me this session what the plan that we created.  As I look towards what I am going to do next year in this position it makes me focus on what is important for educators and all stakeholders I work with.  I loved being able to post to everyone and have feedback on my plans.  It is great to now go back and make notes about slowing down and adding more time or additional sessions to my plans.  This is a great community to help each other out.
My favourite resource was simply being given the assignment of looking for articles and pulling out main points.  I found the Google Sheet to be extremely hard to read, but clicking on the links I found that many applied to what I was working on and what I wanted to read.  It was great to curate so many resources all together.
Many of the assignments in this model demonstrate the thinking and dedication that goes into planning …
Well, I'm back.  I think this learning and sharing and reflecting piece is beginning to grow on me.  Currently I am still using this space as a place for course reflection, but I can see it turning into more once I have more time (if there ever is such a thing). 
This is the final reflection for my IICT Specialist LE1 module.  I am so unbelievably excited to be working on a course that deals with leadership.  I am enthralled with learning about leadership and the qualities of leaders and how we can promote this in our own administration.  Have you ever wondered why some people call themselves admin and some leadership?  It is such a big difference. I am so glad that this course is taking the look at how leadership can make an impact, how we as educational technology leaders can impact the learning of those we work with.

Working with the ways we can affect positive change.... or I suppose change in a positive way was the best conversation for me.  I work with educators daily who …

It's Over?

I can't believe that this course is already over.  I have really enjoyed mornings by my computer learning and reading.... and thinking.  These last few learning experiences really play into what my job in our board is and how to do it better.  How to contribute more.  One thing I am really working hard on is capacity building without our district, there are so many amazing educators out there and they should connect and share what they are working on.  This course and talking to many great educators around the province has given me many ideas to work on with people.  I even love the idea of a WebQuest for staff in the entire board if they want to learn something from home.  It would be an easy way to send learning to them if they aren't able to make our learning series.
Participation in the forums has been amazing because it is like a window into another educator's classroom.  I love seeing their ideas and knowing how it works for them so that I can try that in a classroom …

Platforms.... and some great blogs.

Oh this blogging platform…. It's super easy and super awesome! I love that typing this little piece of my opinion is being done on something that looks like a blank page in Word or Docs. I can change fonts easilyand add pictures or links too. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE technology in the classroom, in my own personal usage though? I am SUCH a beginner. I seriously can't work the blueray player (and don't really understand the difference between them and DVD's). I love the idea of putting my thoughts out there (Im really working on getting over it anyway) but it would never happen if this was complicated. This disadvantages of mine is that it is hard to find. Or at least I think it is (Which I also love - but won't in the future) and I feel that this could also be because I am using my board account. Also, this might end up being too basic for me in the future. I read other blogs and they are very dynamic and pretty. Mine is just basic. Which is great…

Leading, Planning, Looking for Leaders

This has been my favourite module so far.  This one applies more to what I do on a daily basis than the other two.  It has been great learning other ideas to put into my practice.  The two most important ideas to reflect on to me were the staff development and the online calendar.  Staff development is hard.  It needs to be embedded in practice, but we need to teach new technology, but it shouldn't be focused on the technology.  Then you have to scaffold for staff to make sure that people who already know aren't getting irritated and those who have never tried it aren't overwhelmed.  It's a difficult balance.  I love the ideas presented by other group members, like the tech lunches, that incorporate learning technology over a really short time period.  Sometimes we all just need to have that time put in front of us.The online calendar was a great way to look at what my goals are for my role for the next ten months.  By laying it out it made me focus on what I want to s…

Halfway Reflections

Halfway! I really can't believe that we are halfway through this course.  Reflecting on it is making it all sink in.  Which is actually my significant idea.  Blogging.  Reflecting.  This has been my big take-a-way for this half of the course.  I even find in my day-to-day travels that there are some things I would want to blog about that are "reflection worthy".  I think I want my blog to progress to be more than just a course reflection and into something more.  And that is actually exciting!  For someone who always sticks to the shallow end of her own "Taking Risks Pool", this is a big step for me.  It is something I will also incorporate into my yearly goals as a teacher. My favourite activity that we have done is our 2 year Long Term Plans related to what we want to do with technology in the classroom.  I feel like this truly made me think about where I want to go and what I need to do to get there.  Overall goals lead to specific goals and expectations that …

Necessary for some, good for all.

I have been put in many different situations this year, because of this new job.  Today I taught at Queen's.  Just a small presentation in a classroom about integrating ICT into the Science curriculum for Primary and Junior divisions.
One of the students asked me my opinion about the idea that technology is taking away from the craft that is hand made goods, like book binding for example.  Growing up we all had them, hand bound books about what we were learning.  Books that our parents either cherished and put in the cedar chest, or read and discreetly discarded when we forgot about them.  What about those books?  What has happened to the pride of that craft?   My answer?  Do it!  If that is something that you are passionate about doing with your class, do it!  Students will always feel that passion and pick up on it.  But what about the kids that don't?  What about the kid that can't hold a pencil to write or is too afraid of his incorrect spelling to write on paper?  Wh…

Reflections on LE#1

The other day I was given a copy of "Creating Thinking Classrooms - Leading Educational Chance for a 21st century world" written by Garfield Gini-Newman and Roland Case of the Critical Thinking Consortium.  Our program team is doing a study of it and really working on looking at what Critical Thinking is.  This is my first year in my role, so maybe that's what they always do, but it isn't what I have always done.

We began in small groups trying to figure out what Critical Thinking really is.  What would a success criteria look like?  One idea that I kept coming back to, over and over in conversation and in my mind, was the meta-cognition piece.  Critical thinking, to me, involves a great deal of reflection on the ideas in your own head.  You can take all of the subject matter you have learned, evaluate it, then critically decide what matters to you and what doesn't.  This is thinking critically about information you are taught.

To me, this blog is my big take awa…

Blogging as a Reflection

When I graduated teachers college I was given a workbook for first year teachers.  In it was a reflection page to photocopy and put into your day plans at the end of every week.  Reflecting on your plans, lessons, students.... what went well and what didn't.  This was something I did every week without fail.  For my first LTO.

As an educator I feel like we reflect all the time on how a lesson went - for us and for our students - but in an informal way (chatting with friends, thinking, etc.)  But what do we do after that?  If something went poorly we think about different strategies to put in place or different resources.... maybe sometimes we give up on the concept and try something else.  If it went well we might tell someone about it.  But then it's gone, hopefully to be remembered the following year when we teach that same curriculum again.  But it could really be gone forever.  Reflection

Maybe regular reflecting is done with staff or team members.  I love unpacking a day…

Here We Go!

I have started NUMEROUS "blogs" in the past, in the hopes that I feel something inspiring or influential beginning within me. 

Platforms are tricky I feel.  I really love integrating technology into my lessons, but have a hard time figuring out how to start technology or fix it.  I have issues switching my television over to the right setting to run a DVD or Blue Ray (which apparently is the same machine even though I had thought they were different until approximately 2 weeks ago).

Other than figuring out a platform, I hope this Google one works for right now, I feel nervous by this whole idea of an audience.  Where as I really had the goal of having my class blog this year because I see the advantage of them writing for a greater purpose, I have a hard time validating the idea that I too may have thoughts to share. 

What is a valuable thought that I might want to share with the world?  It makes me nervous.