Platforms.... and some great blogs.

Oh this blogging platform…. It's super easy and super awesome! I love that typing this little piece of my opinion is being done on something that looks like a blank page in Word or Docs. I can change fonts easily and add pictures or links too. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE technology in the classroom, in my own personal usage though? I am SUCH a beginner. I seriously can't work the blueray player (and don't really understand the difference between them and DVD's). I love the idea of putting my thoughts out there (Im really working on getting over it anyway) but it would never happen if this was complicated.
This disadvantages of mine is that it is hard to find. Or at least I think it is (Which I also love - but won't in the future) and I feel that this could also be because I am using my board account. Also, this might end up being too basic for me in the future. I read other blogs and they are very dynamic and pretty. Mine is just basic. Which is great for me for now. In the future? We will see.

Other educational blogs I love to read:
1) The Principal of Change - George Couros -
I saw George speak for the first time last year and am about to work with him again for another couple of days. He is very engaging and motivational for people trying to use technology in the classroom. He is a division principal for his school board and an Innovative Teaching, Learning and Leadership consultant. I am passionate about learning more about leadership and making change in our schools so his blog has really hit home for me.

2) TechChef4U - - Lisa Johnson
This blog, and her related facebook page, offers many amazing ideas for using technology in the classroom. The new blog site (she is transferring over I believe) has blog posts and questions why you should think her ideas are important (thinking critically about her ideas). I have tried many of her ideas and my students all loved them.

3) Mrs. Wideen's Blog - - Kristen Wideen
Kristen is an Ontario primary teacher who is doing AMAZING things with iPads. She began using them years ago in her classroom and her blog has so many amazing things to try out in your classrooms. She seamlessly integrates technology into her pedagogy and creates meaningful tasks for her students. She is a fantastic speaker.

4) Brian Aspinall, CV - - Brian Aspinall
Brian is another Ontario educator, his blog is more focused on coding and computer science, but has amazing posts about teaching in general as well. He has an amazing point of view and his energy comes through in his writing. I am constantly on his site when Im workin with teachers on coding applications.

5) Runde's Room - - Jen
Runde's room is a go to blog for amazing and engaging activities and lessons for in your class. I started following Jen when I taught grade 5, the grade 6 teachers at our school raved about her JAMS (journaling about math). She has so many great ideas to get her students engaged in what they are learning and reflecting on ideas that she is one you can't miss!



  1. I actually know Brian Aspinall personally and what he does in his classroom is really cool. He is defiantly passionate about the integration of tech in the classroom and his results are amazing.
    I also feel like my blog could look better, but we will get there ; )

    1. I think it's a time thing too.... working and learning fills the day!


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