It's Over?

I can't believe that this course is already over.  I have really enjoyed mornings by my computer learning and reading.... and thinking.  These last few learning experiences really play into what my job in our board is and how to do it better.  How to contribute more.  One thing I am really working hard on is capacity building without our district, there are so many amazing educators out there and they should connect and share what they are working on.  This course and talking to many great educators around the province has given me many ideas to work on with people.  I even love the idea of a WebQuest for staff in the entire board if they want to learn something from home.  It would be an easy way to send learning to them if they aren't able to make our learning series.

Participation in the forums has been amazing because it is like a window into another educator's classroom.  I love seeing their ideas and knowing how it works for them so that I can try that in a classroom too.  All too often teachers say to me that they would really like to be able to watch someone else teach or see someone else's school.  We want to be inspired to try new things!  This forum is a great place to be inspired and build up a bank of amazing activities to try in your own class.

I will be continuing my learning in new ways, I have a webinar that I have signed up for.  I have never taken one, so I am really hoping it's awesome and it will be something I can try in our board.  I have also signed up for part 3 of IICT starting in a few weeks.  I love learning and pushing myself in new ways.  I really want to learn more about leadership.  Leadership within our teachers and how to connect people and build our own capacity.  We are a very tiny board and it is something I am really passionate about doing.

Thank you for a great few months everyone!  If you are in part 3 I look forward to seeing you.  Hopefully we will still be using our blogs.... otherwise I am never finding the time to post!



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