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Module 2

I cannot believe we are half way through this course.  Time flies when you are learning and exploring!
The best assignment for me this session what the plan that we created.  As I look towards what I am going to do next year in this position it makes me focus on what is important for educators and all stakeholders I work with.  I loved being able to post to everyone and have feedback on my plans.  It is great to now go back and make notes about slowing down and adding more time or additional sessions to my plans.  This is a great community to help each other out.
My favourite resource was simply being given the assignment of looking for articles and pulling out main points.  I found the Google Sheet to be extremely hard to read, but clicking on the links I found that many applied to what I was working on and what I wanted to read.  It was great to curate so many resources all together.
Many of the assignments in this model demonstrate the thinking and dedication that goes into planning …