Operation Specialist - Acheived

This last module in my IICT Specialist through ETFO has been amazing.  I was so excited to be pushed in my thinking and work on a unit that will help me grow in my position.

Being someone new in leadership, I completely focused on growing other educators the ways I wanted to grow.  I completely understood the need to differentiate professional development - there were many times as an educator that I needed support in different formats.  But this unit finally put me in the mindset of assessing the effect of the projects that I am working on.  I mean, I collect data for sure, but in real time.  I collect data and then report back on what is happening.  But I have never sat and looked at measuring the effect specific programming has on educators or their students.  I just assume the effect has taken place.

One big struggle for me this year was thinking about success rates.  I know that we can not get through to everyone, but I struggled with the failure rate.  I wanted all of my participants to succeed.  It was difficult when people shut me out or didn't rise to my expectations.  It is all a learning curve and slowly I began to adjust my thinking.  Sharing ideas and thoughts with the people in this course was an amazing way to come up with other possible solutions or ideas to try with different sets of communities.  It helps to hear stories from other educators in the same position as me and learn from what is happening in their roles as well.

The most important message to me and my thinking was around vision, goal setting and assessment of those goals.  I have so many things that I am passionate about in my role.  The ones that I was most successful in are the ones that I have a clear vision for.  This is something that I need to translate into all of the projects I am doing.  Not only create a vision, but goals.  Short term as well as long term so that I can build on successes.  My biggest take away being the modes of assessment in these projects. What are teachers taking away from these experiences?  What can I do to further their thinking and help them to be more successful in their own goals?

I think it is a key component of leadership to be able to look at the educators that you are working with and understand their goals.  I have always believed that success is when anyone moves from their point A to their own point B, but I always viewed that as an educator with my students.  Now it's more widespread and with adults - they are a totally different ball game.  So now I am left with homework for the summer.  In this role that I am already so passionate and excited about I need to create a vision for the various aspects of my portfolio.  Where do I want this to do?  Who do I want to affect?  What do I want educators to take away from the experience?  I need to work on my goals for all of those projects and then come up with methods to assess the success.  And for those that it didn't work on?  Find out what else I can do to support them.  I want all of the educators I work with to become successful, I think I have grown in my ability to do so.


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