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Learning To Learn and my first real blog post!

This has been a month that has REALLY pushed me outside of my comfort zone.  I always have had the opportunity to blame other people for pushing me to new levels, but this month represented a time where I chose to put myself on the line and try new things - and it's an amazing feeling.  I do credit some of these other opportunities to others - I am so thankful to Martha and Dustin Jez at FairChanceLearning and Brian Aspinall for pushing me to do an Ignite presentation at Connect.  I spoke about Educator Leadership and the fact that I truly believe in all of the educators and administrators that I work with and my belief in goal setting for ourselves.  This was SO FAR outside of my comfort zone that I worried about it more than my other presentations that week.  Please see the link below to watch a group of AMAZING educators from around our province talk about educational reform and concepts that are important in their life.  (I am at 25 minutes left)

This return to blogging is apa…