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Halfway Reflections

Halfway! I really can't believe that we are halfway through this course.  Reflecting on it is making it all sink in.  Which is actually my significant idea.  Blogging.  Reflecting.  This has been my big take-a-way for this half of the course.  I even find in my day-to-day travels that there are some things I would want to blog about that are "reflection worthy".  I think I want my blog to progress to be more than just a course reflection and into something more.  And that is actually exciting!  For someone who always sticks to the shallow end of her own "Taking Risks Pool", this is a big step for me.  It is something I will also incorporate into my yearly goals as a teacher. My favourite activity that we have done is our 2 year Long Term Plans related to what we want to do with technology in the classroom.  I feel like this truly made me think about where I want to go and what I need to do to get there.  Overall goals lead to specific goals and expectations that …

Necessary for some, good for all.

I have been put in many different situations this year, because of this new job.  Today I taught at Queen's.  Just a small presentation in a classroom about integrating ICT into the Science curriculum for Primary and Junior divisions.
One of the students asked me my opinion about the idea that technology is taking away from the craft that is hand made goods, like book binding for example.  Growing up we all had them, hand bound books about what we were learning.  Books that our parents either cherished and put in the cedar chest, or read and discreetly discarded when we forgot about them.  What about those books?  What has happened to the pride of that craft?   My answer?  Do it!  If that is something that you are passionate about doing with your class, do it!  Students will always feel that passion and pick up on it.  But what about the kids that don't?  What about the kid that can't hold a pencil to write or is too afraid of his incorrect spelling to write on paper?  Wh…