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Operation Specialist - Acheived

This last module in my IICT Specialist through ETFO has been amazing.  I was so excited to be pushed in my thinking and work on a unit that will help me grow in my position.

Being someone new in leadership, I completely focused on growing other educators the ways I wanted to grow.  I completely understood the need to differentiate professional development - there were many times as an educator that I needed support in different formats.  But this unit finally put me in the mindset of assessing the effect of the projects that I am working on.  I mean, I collect data for sure, but in real time.  I collect data and then report back on what is happening.  But I have never sat and looked at measuring the effect specific programming has on educators or their students.  I just assume the effect has taken place.

One big struggle for me this year was thinking about success rates.  I know that we can not get through to everyone, but I struggled with the failure rate.  I wanted all of my partici…

It's Happening Again!

Do you know what happens when you learn and learn and learn and learn?  You want to share all of your learning and talking about it until no one wants to listen anymore!  I think that that is where this type of space comes in handy.  All of the reflecting in the world can go on and if no one is listening it's still ok.  Or if people are it's still ok too.

I am so happy with the road this course is taking.  As a person in a leadership role I need to be reflective on the things that I do and bring to the system just as much as I need to know specific programming that I want to bring as well.  This module has been fantastic for that.  Especially the assessment of our plan.  I feel like my role is tough for linear planning.  Sometimes I just need to have a session on coding or robotics because educators want to try it out.  Other times my sessions can easily be more linear and connected.  Assessing my goals and making sure that I know how successful my sessions are was an "ah…