Well, I'm back.  I think this learning and sharing and reflecting piece is beginning to grow on me.  Currently I am still using this space as a place for course reflection, but I can see it turning into more once I have more time (if there ever is such a thing). 

This is the final reflection for my IICT Specialist LE1 module.  I am so unbelievably excited to be working on a course that deals with leadership.  I am enthralled with learning about leadership and the qualities of leaders and how we can promote this in our own administration.  Have you ever wondered why some people call themselves admin and some leadership?  It is such a big difference. I am so glad that this course is taking the look at how leadership can make an impact, how we as educational technology leaders can impact the learning of those we work with.

Working with the ways we can affect positive change.... or I suppose change in a positive way was the best conversation for me.  I work with educators daily who are not adept at change.  I really feel like the more we deal with change the easier we adapt to it.  Technology is always changing, so we need to be ready and willing to accept the next cool app or the next great device.  We need to be ready to change with the students we are teaching.  If we aren't teaching them in ways that will make a difference in their lives, what are we here for?

Looking at the Standards of Practice:
We are all in this together to find ways that we can improve the classroom for our students.  My favourite part is that our focus is doing it from a leadership point of view.  Leaders impact change.  We need ways to affect more than just one class.  Teaching multiple teachers impacts more students.  We want our students to do amazing things, this is why we share and collaborate with our ideas.

This discussion thread is a great way to share the professional knowledge that we all share.  I just saw Commander Hadfield speak and he spoke about how there are a multitude of teams out there to make a spaceship go into the air.  No one can know everything and make the spaceship go up on their own.  We need to work in teams.  The knowledge I am gaining from this team is wonderful.
We are all rooting what we do in our practice.  What we have done, what we would like to do.  Learning technology is one thing, but learning how to implement it is totally different.  I feel like so many of the ideas shared are easily put into our practice. 
This is an amazing way to meet people to follow from around the province.  It was a great way to talk about strategies that we have put into place that we would like to try out in our own situations.  Learning about leadership is so important for me in my role.  It is so great to hear others talk about leadership styles and qualities that make an impact.  Feedback is so important too.  I feel like we are all leaders working together to make each other better and help each other do great things.  We also want to provide each other with ideas that will take us well beyond the timeline of this course too.

I am really looking forward to more learning about how to build upon capacity in my board.  There are SO many amazing educators in our system and I feel like we are not connecting.  I hope that most of the activities we are working on I can apply to my system.  I think that the first two IICT's were great for classroom teachers, but am truly hoping this one will apply more to those of us at the system level.  We need change.  There are pockets of innovation wherever we go, but I want more.  I want everyone to be better and to learn new things.  I want for our teachers what we all want for our students.  I hope I learn more strategies to put into place for this.


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